Our Mission…

Provide the resources our members need to be successful online

All the facts about websites and Internet marketing – what to know, what to do, and resources needed – all without bias or self interest.

Our Principles…

Member dues are our only source of income

We accept no advertising… participate in no referral or commission schemes… and accept no free products or services from vendors of internet marketing products and services.

Thus, we are beholden only to our members.

Tell it like it is

Internet marketing is full of mis-information, biased information, and sometimes just flat out wrong information. The gold nuggets of truth and facts are few and far apart.

We find those gold nuggets and present them to out members… free from fluff, gratuitous content, advertising, shilling, vested interests, hidden agendas, and BS.

Our recommendations of products, services, and vendors are without bias or special consideration. We do not accept free products or services. We purchase products for evaluation the same as our members would.

Support positive participation and sharing among members

Members can make suggestions, ask questions, rate vendors, share information and more. We expect our members to be professional and courteous.

We have zero tolerance for bad language, inappropriate comments, and self-promotions, and we reserve the right to revoke membership of those who cannot play nicely.

Our Expert Staff…

More than 45 years of collective experience in Internet marketing

Their knowledge and experience is made available to members in the Best Practices, Master Resources, and Expert Advice, including personal answers to member’s questions.

Evaluate and recommend products and services

The Expert Staff identifies products and services that are suitable for members. They also identify products and services that are NOT suitable for members.

Develop special “woa-members-only” offers and discounts from vendors

The Expert Staff negotiate with vendors of recommended products and services to obtain special pricing for members – typically 25% – 40% discounts.

We receive no commissions, compensation, or special treatment from these vendors – the special offers are member benefits.

Savings from special offers can more than offset the membership dues.

Bottom line…

Consider joining the Association

Click to the Membership Application to apply for membership. Of course, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact me directly if you like

Click to the Visitor Contact page and submit the Contact From. I’d be happy to answer your questions or hear your suggestions by phone or email.

I look forward to hearing from you and greeting you as a member.

Best wishes,

internet marketing Jerry R. Perrich, PhD, Founder