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We help small businesses succeed online

There are 3 Key Steps to online success

1. Build a high conversion website
Your website should be built to maximize conversions of visitors to sales or leads. The term “high conversions” is relative to your product and target market… for some businesses a conversion rate of 0.1% might be excellent while for other businesses anything less than 1% could be considered poor. 

2. Generate high quality traffic at a reasonable cost
You can obtain visitor traffic through a variety of means such as SEO (on and off page), Internet marketing (advertising, content, etc) and social media. Also marketing in offline venues. Anything at all the can attract and deliver visitors. “High quality” means visitors in your target market, and “reasonable cost” is a relative term that takes into account the acquisition cost per visitor, the conversion rate, and the value of a sale or lead.  

3. Monitor results
This last step is often overlooked by website owners, but to do so will significantly affect website performance… for the worse. Most likely your website will have some analytics installed… often Google Analytics. Periodically, at least monthly, you should measure the results from visitors and traffic sources to make ongoing improvements to both the website and the traffic generating venues. 

These steps can be confusing
Much of the online information about these steps is conflicting and hard to understand. And unfortunately, some is self-serving, biased, and downright wrong. But, how can you know which is the gold and which is the garbage?

We show how to optimize each step
We separate the gold from the garbage and deliver the gold. Clear, concise, and correct! Highly organized and focused to serve the special needs of small businesses.

 Your success is our success

We deliver unbiased information and resources for each of the 3 Key Steps

Best Practices

We identify the Best Practices for each of the 3 Key Steps. Then for each Best Practice, we include::

  • Know –  background information to provide context… the what, why, and wherefores.
  • Do – these action items are exactly what to do to implement the best practice
  • Do Maybe – these action items might be problematic or applicable only to specific situations. Use caution. 
  • Do Not– absolutely avoid these items. They could cause substantial problems. 

Master Resources

The tools you need to accomplish the Best Practices.

  • Guidelines – such as HowTos, Check Lists, and Reference Reports.
  • Case Studies – learn from the experiences of other website owners… the good, bad, and ugly.
  • Scams – details about scams that affect the Best practice and how to avoid them.
  • Product/Service Recommendations – our experts weigh in with their guidance about online tools and services… and most are free!

Expert Advice

Answers and guidance.

  • Roadmap to Online Success – step by step instructions
  • Ask the Experts – submit your questions and receive personal answers within one day
  • Instant Answers 24×7 – use our unique members-only search function to locate answers anytime.
  • Online Office Hours – we have weekly office hours during which you can drop in to ask questions or listen to the conversations.
  • Tickler File – we keep you on track with weekly updates… what do when… it’s easy to keep track.
  • Scam Alerts – anytime blast emails to alert you to scams that are going around.
  • The Webster – our members-only weekly newsletter… short and sweet. We won’t waste your time. Just the facts you need to know.

Everything you need to be successful online

Here’s what you don’t get in the Association

We’ve eliminated everything that could dilute our value to you.

No bias, vested interest, or hidden agenda
We are completely upfront with you.

No fluff, puffery, or BS
We aren’t out to impress you with excess verbiage. We keep things simple and straight.

No advertising, commissions or compensation schemes
We neither solicit nor accept any form of remuneration for our opinions and recommendations. We pay for all products and services we evaluate – no freebies or quid pro quo to affect our judgement.

Since member dues are our only source of revenue, we remain dedicated to our members.

Bottom line

The Website Owners Association will help you to:

Maximize your website results
Whether you use a webmaster or do-it-yourself… whether you want sales, leads, or branding… you will know how to get results from your website.

Save time
You probably have better things to do with your time than wading through online information trying to figure out what will work for you.

Save money
“Get it right the first time” with our advice and recommendations. We identify trustworthy vendors and reliable products and services. Plus, you won’t fall victim to online scams.

Simple and straightforward

And, that about covers things.

Member dues are less than a dollar a day for all plans
Monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.

This is an important business decision
We want you to become a member if and only if you think the Association can be a valuable asset to you.

To help with your decision, try us out for 30 days with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
If you decide not to remain a member, for any reason at all, we will give you a full refund.

We look forward to greeting you as a member.


You may have noticed our direct style and straightforward message

No sales hype. No phony deadlines. No emotional appeals. You will find this is how we approach everything in the Association. We think this is the best way to serve you.

Best wishes,

Website Owners Association

    Dedicated to your online success

Member dues are our only source of revenue, and our advice is based solely on our experience and expertise.