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Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn more about the Website Owners Association…

website I’ve been providing Internet marketing services since 1996 – including website development, search engine optimization, traffic generation, social media management, and performance analysis. I’ve obtained ROI’s more than 3,000%, front page placements in search engines, and conversions as high as 17% (a typical website is less than 1%).

In working with my clients over the years, I saw the tremendous need for accurate, unbiased information – as most the website and Internet marketing information online was (and still is) self-serving, biased, promotional, misleading, and downright wrong. You have probably seen the same things.

So, I founded the Website Owners Association to provide the accurate, unbiased information and resources needed to be successful online.

I based the Website Owners Association on three defining characteristics…

1. Independent

The only revenues are membership dues. The Association is beholden only to its members. There are no commercial entanglements, affiliate deals, commissions, reimbursements, finder-fees, referrals, book commissions, advertising, and the like. No one influences our information or recommendations.

2. Accurate

Correct, actionable information and recommendations you can use immediately. No bias, agenda, fluff, self-important, promotions, self-serving, or misleading.

3. Affordable

Membership dues are well within the budget of even the smallest of businesses – less than a $1 per day. With consultant fees exceeding $100 an hour, the Association is an incredible value.

I organized the Website Owners Association into three main sections for ease of use…

It is quick and easy to find the information and resources you need. All members have access to all items… there is no upselling or restricted areas.

Best Practices

World-class, proven practices that experts follow to make you successful online. Including

  • Website Development – build and maintain your website for high conversions.  
  • Search Engine Optimization – obtain excellent visibility in and traffic from search engines.  
  • Traffic Generation – obtain maximum, high quality traffic at the lowest costs possible within your budget.  
  • Social Media Management – use social media to augment your online presence.  
  • Performance Analysis – use performance data to increase your online results.


Master Resources

Tools to implement the Best Practices, including:

  • How Tos – clear, step-by-step instructions.  
  • Check Lists – comprehensive guidance to get things done.  
  • Case Studies – the good, bad, and ugly – learn from the experience of others.  
  • Reference Reports – detailed explanations of key topics.  
  • Utilities – useful software and online services.  


Expert Advice

The Expert Staff answers your questions and provides the advice you need:

  • Roadmap to Online Success – rationalize your online presence and maximize results.  
  • Ask the Experts – ask a question and get a personal answer within one business day.  
  • Instant Answers – search the site for any and all content 24×7.  
  • Vendor Recommendations – evaluations of vendors by the Expert Staff and fellow members.  
  • Calendar of Events – upcoming podcasts, webcasts and live events.  
  • Tickle File – what to do and when to do it.  
  • Scam Alerts – warns you of the latest scams going around so you don’t become a victim.  
  • The Webster – you won’t miss a thing with the weekly members-only newsletter.

It’s worth noting what you won’t find in the Association…

No bias, vested interest, or hidden agendas

What you see is what you get. We exist only to serve our members.

No fluff, puffery, or BS

We aren’t out to impress our members with verbiage. We keep things simple and direct.

No advertising, commissions, or compensation schemes

Our only source of revenue is the membership dues. We accept no other remuneration or items in kind (that means we pay for everything we evaluate – no freebies to cloud our judgement).

I keep the Association focused on what helps you succeed online. Period.

Bottom line…

Consider joining the Association

Click to the Membership Application to apply for membership. Of course, we have our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact me directly if you like

Click to the Visitor Contact page and submit the Visitor Contact From. I’d be happy to answer your questions or hear your suggestions by phone or email.

I look forward to hearing from you and greeting you as a member.

Best wishes, jerry-perrich Jerry R. Perrich, PhD, Founder