Membership Application

Membership is simple and easy

Beginning April 3, 2017, we will accept applications from website owners and potential website owners including companies, organizations and individuals.

Dues are highly affordable

It is our policy to make membership within reach of even the smallest company or individual with monthly, quarterly, and annual plans… all less than a $1 a day.

Revocation of Membership

With all due respect, we reserve the right to revoke membership to members who:

Promote products and services to other members

Use inappropriate language and/or abusive behavior

Share their passwords with non-members

Would you like an email reminder from us on April 3?

If so, please submit the Visitor Contact Form. We will contact you with all membership application information on April 3, and of course, there is no obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you and greeting you as a member.

Best wishes, jerry-perrich Jerry R. Perrich, PhD, Founder